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I have my mother to thank for losing my mind. Her confession made me feel like I’d been released from her womb all over again. It answered all the questions about our family; but what about the mystery that was me?

I thought I had everything, but the truth was missing. Her secret inspired a transatlantic voyage. Followed by a nomadic lifestyle in Europe. In search of a home, and myself.  First Rome, where time stood still, then Paris, where time moved too fast until it stopped, then a death, and financial loss. Homeless and broke in Malta. Failure was everywhere…

Then Venice, Amsterdam, Prague and Bucharest; the odyssey lasted 20 twenty years. Until I found another home, in the middle of nowhere, in a place called Piemonte; the secret that needs to be told.

That’s the next book…

Your Daily Bailey Alexander No 39: Searching for a soulmate, looking for love while split in half during the dog days of summer.

According to Greek mythology, humans were orginally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two, condeming them for their pride, condeming them to spend their lives in search of their other halves. Always searching for their soulmate, for love…

Three funerals in Piemonte

Unfortunately, another funeral; always in 3’s, indeed. First Zio Giacomo, last week, then Franco, now Stefano, today. I will finish my caffe shakerato, made by Massimiliano Poggio at Machi’s Bar here in Bubbio, then follow Stefano’s coffin on foot with the other Bubbiese, to the elegant cemetery in Bubbio… Stefano’s son, Max, was my first […]

Michel Barnier: Trade deal ‘unlikely’

Michel Barnier wraps up his statement by paraphrasing Sainte-Exupery: “A negotiation is not just looking at and talking to one another. It is to look together in the same direction” I’ve always assumed they will crash out, it does not look good, and in a way; it is a relief. The English gov’t is fundamentally […]