Michel Barnier: Trade deal ‘unlikely’

Michel Barnier wraps up his statement by paraphrasing Sainte-Exupery: “A negotiation is not just looking at and talking to one another. It is to look together in the same direction”

I’ve always assumed they will crash out, it does not look good, and in a way; it is a relief. The English gov’t is fundamentally adversarial – Maggie thumping her bag, Cameron’s ‘my way or the highway’ attitude.

Unfortunate, yet fate is at play. And the EU is fundamentally the essence of compromise; hence the length of time it takes to get anything done. But there you are, and in case you’re curious, because I was, my guy told me Antoine Saint-Exupery wrote “The Little Prince” and he was a philosopher, and major aviator. He was born in Lyon, and they named an aiport after him.

I feel better for knowing this….

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