Today’s interview; a Priest named Don Piero. A ‘one off’ as we say in the Anglo world. And most beloved.

At 87, Don Piero is now retired, still animated, small in stature with a personality that looms large. Very sweet and very much in love with his church. One that lives in a nearby town, built in 1779, in Cesole. He showed us many spaces within, architecture full of Roman arches, along with the first stone that built this church.

I loved the keys, he let me use them to open doors, the keys were larger and heavier than my first little dog, a papillon named Colette.

He spoke half in Piemontese so I understood little, but he took us 72 steps below this church, the most impressive church in this area; to a ‘romantic, historical’ little room below, for the interview.

It was a divine trip.

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