Our latest podcast covers the country that spends more on culture than defense; the most civilised place on the planet; Austria.

If you can’t travel by train or plane you can still travel in the mind. So why not hang out with us for a half hour – we’ll visit Cafe Culture at its finest, like Cafe Tomaselli and Cafe Bazar in Salzburg. We’ll have dinner at the oldest restaurant, Peterskeller, a place that’s been serving Wiener Schnitzel for over a 1,000 years.

We’ll stay at Hotel Sacher and eat that cake in a place that’s forgotten more about cake than any other country will ever know. We’ll listen to the Vienna Boy’s Choir at night and the next morning we’ll check out the Lippizaner Spanish Riding School before taking a tour of Schonbrunn Palace to see Maria Teresa posing with her 28 papillons. If Christmas markets are your thing we’ll drink glue vine to stay warm while standing outside in the freezing cold, or if you prefer, we’ll remain inside and check out the Belvedere and Albertina museums, where you can hear the Viennese whisper Klimt and Schiele in the same way they whisper Mozart.

Or you can just run around Mirabella gardens singing Do Ra Mi like Julie Andrews did in the Sound of Music.

Francis provides a lot of fun facts about the Austrian Empire and he’ll discuss a little bit about banking and a lot about what it was like growing up with the Austrian borders.

What are you waiting for? Come and join “A Couple of Europhiles” on our latest, on Apple iTunes…

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