It’s like we’re living in a detective novel, waiting for the pieces of the puzzle to fit together, trying to keep our minds sane and lucid. Gary Lachman’s article not only helps unravel the mystery, he delivers…

Gary’s article is available on and it’s an excellent read. His Italian publisher asked Gary to reflect on the events at the Capitol. And he delivers some great content. He explains the ‘perceived reality’ Trump has been able to infect so many with, it unravels the chaos magick, and how this new age of conspiracy theories has officially and universally arrived. He writes about how they’ve spent years moving that ‘Overton Window’, that which is acceptable, and its overall effect on all of us.

I’ve been reading Gary’s books for a couple of years now and he’s become increasingly effective, his ideas have come into their time, our time. Sure the reference points can read a bit highbrow, but they can also read true. If we no longer have truth by consensus, his articles, and his books have certainly helped me to unpack the mystery of this ‘new reality’… this mode of bending reality, this modern phase of avoiding facts; making it much ado about one’s attitude to facts.

Often I suggest Gary has the most insane way of synthesising ideas, both ancient and modern. It’s not only illumination; it’s fun!

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