A Couple of Europhiles interview Ralph Brenner

On this episode we welcome Ralph Brenner. I knew Ralph when I lived in Seattle, when he was a leading technologist, one of those types that helped create the toys and tools that enable people like me to produce my own podcast. 

But Ralph also has a wild side, he’s produced and performed in over 200 flash mobs, spanning 5 continents, performing with the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Hudson. He’s been caught in an elevator with Priyanka Chopra and enjoyed tea and a joke with His Holiness, Dalai Lama.

His life has been a perpetual trip and if we explore cultural realities and dissonance on this podcast, it’s safe to say Ralph Brenner opens his heart to the world and has the most positive spin on his travels. 

Francis and Ralph discuss the birth and evolution of the tech industry, and then we address the topic closest to Ralph’s heart; happiness. And how he’s created a happiness community, through experience and determination, through passion, Ralph has managed to move people, educators, celebrities and even government leaders to push forward for the good of all. 

Ralph has worked with the Delhi Government Schools where he mentored their Happiness Curriculum which is now in its third year and taught to over 1.2 million children. He’s also a trustee of Uganda’s Teacher Empowerment Platform, consulted with Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority and has served in an advisory role to the United Nations G20 Education forum.

He’s a distinguished technologist, holds multiple patents, he’s a rare find, and a special friend. You’ll enjoy this podcast because Ralph  has insight, on how my former city of Seattle has changed, flashmobs, and how they become riots, and oh so much more….I think you’ll want to catch this episode, A Couple of Europhiles is available Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


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