‘A Couple of Europhiles’ provide a Complete breakdown of Covid; by Country and by Vaccine.

Bailey and Francis cover Covid, including the vaccine wars, and why it’s strategically important that each country develop their own. In this episode they cover the recent drama between the EU and the UK and precisely why contracts must be honoured.

They discuss EU regulations, lessons learned and vaccine nationalism. And how US investment was critical for the West, not to mention why China is doing so well. Francis predicts life post-Covid and a couple of europhiles take the time to discuss recent drama on Wall Street, flashmobs on the net and what will happen as the internet becomes increasingly important in people’s lives. Available on Apple and Spotify

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An American living in Piemonte. Sailed across the Atlantic aboard our 43 Nauticat in 2002 and spent over a decade living in Rome, Paris, Prague, Malta, Venice and Bucharest before settling in Piemonte, Italia.

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