The logic of Italy; enter Mario Draghi

Even Salvini won’t veto Draghi’s invitation by Mattarella to form a technocrat coalition government. It simply makes sense. Italy must present a sensible plan this April regarding the COVID relief fund in order for the Dutch to sign off on such a large amount of money. And who better than Draghi, he probably knows more about money than most people on the planet; just look at his CV. It’s impressive by anyone’s standards.

Of course, everyone is confused by this latest chain of events and the euro isn’t responding positively, yet, but this is just another example of how Italy can change on a dime. They let their government fall into chaos, the people reeling, and then all of a sudden Super Mario arrives on the scene. Boom.

Initally the 5star government rejected the idea, little surprise, but can you imagine the world’s most sophisticated economist having to discuss a financial plan with the popcorn salesman from 5star?

Only in Italy.


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