The Michael A. Piker Interview

It’s time to take a deep dive into the future relationship between America and China. We discuss the fastidiousness of Japan, what it’s like to live in Amsterdam now, and everything in between. Michael offers our listeners pivotal points and epiphanies experienced in 30 years of working all over Asia, Europe, North and South America. Michael’s a truly global nomad who studies cultures; this interview is a trip. 

Born in New York we explore the multiple hats Michael’s worn as student/teacher/consultant, what it’s like working as a gay man in Asia with a husband from Shanghai and what students ask after 14 months in a pandemic. After covering the past and present we cover future goals regarding ESG, Pay C suite for DE&I outcomes, Remote Worker Pay playbook, equal pay for women, and how employers will treat employees post covid. 

Michael is getting ready to wear his Global HR corporate hat once again – after living a horizontal life – he’s ready to go vertical and make some positive changes. There’s hope on the horizon, let’s overlook the current malaise and get ready for an economic explosion this summer!

Michael A. Piker’s Bio: 30 + years of Global HR corporate experience with Philip Morris International (PMI), Naspers/Prosus, Lenovo, Syngenta, Alcoa, Cisco and HR consulting experience with Mercer, Buck, ORC Worldwide.

Currently teaching at NYU, Erasmus and member of World @ Work Global Advisory Council (GAC) and GMJ Advisor.

Worked in nine countries: Japan (3x), China, Singapore (2x), Brazil, Switzerland (2x), United Kingdom (2x), Germany, Netherlands, United States (Home: New York).- Global Gypsy

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