Are the “Troubles” returning? Let’s ask the Irish – The Carrie and Anthony McIntyre Interview. Part ll

It’s time to provide our listeners with another chat with Carrie and Anthony McIntyre. It’s time to discuss the topical situation that is Northern Ireland. We predicted this would happen on our show not that many weeks ago. So sit back, have a listen, and enjoy Anthony’s lovely accent. Enjoy their contrasting views on the current drama unfolding, as well as their united front on the cultural realities of Belfast.

Carrie was the former editor for Blanket, an online journal that analysed the peace process, having lived in Ireland for over 20 years. Anthony is a former IRA prisoner and author of both Good Friday and the Death of Irish Republicanism. They’re bother writers and researchers and they’re also wonderful guests to have back on A Couple of Europhiles podcast.

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