No one knows how screwed up the Italians are more than the Italians – so we don’t need the English or the FT – grazie mille.


Gore Vidal once said if he wanted to know the truth he read the Italian newspapers. He spent decades living in Italy and he also lived in the middle of history. He knew everyone who was anyone. He was also a truth-teller, America’s biographer and prescient for 6 decades. Vidal exposed the national security state in the 50’s, long before the now famous Eisenhower quote, warning about the military industrial complex came into vogue. He wrote about the US as Empire in the 80’s, and was put on the periphery for doing so, long before calling the US an Empire, out loud, came into vogue in our own press. He was our truth-teller.

But when someone sent me an article by London’s Financial Times, a newspaper notorious for Italy bashing, I just laughed. The article was about Mario Draghi screwing up. Well, I can assure you, the Italians and their rags complain more than anyone, they beat themselves up, and more importantly; they’re well aware of the current state of their country. This strange entity, this weirdly happy amalgamation of 20 regions we call Italy. More than once I’ve heard an Englishman say, “Those Italians, when the barn starts to burn down they just continue the party outside”. Maybe they’re just jealous they have to get drunk to have a good time.

And yes, unfortunately, they are administering the vaccine by region, it is not centralized; that would be antithetical to the Italian way. My guy, 58, just rec’d a text for getting vaxed this weekend. I saw friends in Rome and Marche, at 60, already got vaxxed. I need to get registered, which I will do, this week, hopefully I too will received a text soon. Probably several, as my guy did, organization is not a strong concept here; yet this is a country full of hypochondriacs, so there’s hope.

The sooner we all get vaxxed the better. But this wouldn’t be such an issue if certain countries and their private companies behaved in a more humane way. Say what you want about the EU; but they have solidarity in spades. They know this is a global issue, and not just in theory, so there’s that.

And I have no problem with the US keeping their own doses, because THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID THEY WERE GOING TO DO. But the English, no, they broke their contracts, only after the EU provided them with 30 plus million doses. And they also have this rather nasty habit of breaking treaties. Oh, and then that same English vaccine company went around and tried to sell the Czechs the vaccine for three times the price. Lovely stuff.

That last bit could be perceived as borderline evil. And their rags are dishing out some dangerous stuff. As our Dutch friend said, “A German doesn’t know how to lie and the English don’t know how to tell the truth,” ….perhaps he was on to something. There’s plenty of reason to think the English, post brexit, have done little to serve their own citizenry through their rags, this is dangerous stuff, especially during a pandemic.

However, per my previous post, regarding the EU Vaccine program, we are reminded of that ancient fable called the Tortoise and the Hare. The last thing I need to read is English propaganda, it’s peculiarly awful, I think I’d rather read the numbers administered by those in charge of doing so, thank you. And once the Euro Clearing House issue is addressed, as it was postponed, post Brexit, I suspect the City of London and the financial markets will once again be reminded of that fable.

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