Should I stay or should I go? – ‘A Couple of Europhiles’ welcome back our man in Scotland: Patrick Evans

Are the Scots truly tired of having their country run by the country next door? At the moment it’s on a knife’s edge. Hopefully the question is put to the Scottish people. Hopefully the facts are put in front and the people can overcome the misinformation that was so prevalent in 2014.

We’re happy to have Patrick back to answer this question – as well as share the experience of watching firsthand the ‘hero’ who stopped ‘that’ immigration van by laying under it for eight hours, texting his friends and inspiring about a 1,000 of Patrick’s neighbors to help out. All the drama seems to be happening in Scotland. Patrick and Francis discuss one of the most exciting exercises in Europe today.

Patrick Evans is an award winning playwright and impresario who has spent his working life in Scotland. In the 90s he brought the ground breaking Fools Paradise comedy circuit to Scotland introducing the then, unknown talents of Jo Brand, Eddie Izzard, Jack Dee, Lee Evans and Bill Bailey. He moved on to be Director of Staging at the world renown Café Graffiti in Edinburgh regularly winning hatfulls of awards at the Edinburgh Festival. In the naughties, he worked as a cultural officer for the Scottish Refugee Council and established Refugee Week in Scotland. Most recently he’s been working with Scotland’s visual artists and created a large scale community art centre in the southside of Glasgow in a rundown shopping centre. Patrick is not affiliated to any political party but was an active supporter of the Yes Campaign in the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum.

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