This time I got interviewed – by Randell Green on Anygivenrunway

Once upon a time, in Lignano Sabbiadoro; near Venice

It was a trip to think back on all those places, all those cultural cliffs; we jumped off so many. Perhaps too many. Thankfully I kept a blog and a journal along our nomadic life. How could I have remembered the details? If often felt like sensory overload, that low level stress of being an expat. Hard times and peak experiences all jumbled together.

Yet once again I spoke of Joan Didion and her advice; it’s a good idea to stay on familiar terms with our former selves. I wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t do just that – I couldn’t have written my book, “A European Odyssey; How a boxer’s daughter found grace”.

Some destinations proved pragmatic, others beautiful, but Rome, Paris and Prague – these places proved sublime.

Generally we do the interviewing, this time I was put on the spot. Anygivenrunway, with Randell Green. Spotify and Apple.

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