The Reading Season: Mike Nichols: A Life

If you need a laugh, ‘Mike Nichols: A Life, by Mark Harris is the ticket.

“Mike Nichols burst onto the scene as a wunderkind; while still in his 20’s, he was half of a hit improv duo with Elaine May that was the talk of the country….from lonely outsider to the center of more than one cultural universe…”

This is when youtube really kicks in, you can watch Nichols and May at their finest. My favorite quote from Elaine May, from one of their witty skits: “A moral problem is so much better than a real problem”

And off to the races they went. We all have our top pick of Nichol’s flicks….”Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”….so heavy and Elizabeth Taylor showed them all how film work was properly done, including Richard Burton. Great read and it will make you laugh and don’t we need that now!

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