Italy and France and the Green Pass

Alors, it appears Macron has backed down a bit with lesser fines, etc. The French being the French and their love of protest. I remember living there, and loving it, and cycling around town with Colette and Godot – please see above.

Allora, Draghi, and this country full of artisans, hypochondriacs and socially conscious citizens, holds strong. Italy doesn’t mind the odd protest, but it’s safe to assume the latest protest in Turin has more to do with other issues. But Draghi, with his world wide credentials is allowing Italy to feel just a little bit optimistic. And, Italy has a much smaller anti-vax community.

Still, the EU with its poor PR, has a fantastic sense of solidarity. In particular, Italy and France.

And now, I can share my favorite joke; What do you call an Italian in a bad mood? French.

An Italian told me that and when I told it to a Frenchman, I think he laughed. A little….

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