Maybe we just need to believe

Once upon a time there was a guy that abused women and now we have the first female Governor in New York. Cuomo was a hero, once upon a time, when there was a leadership vacuum during peak pandemic. And now he is a hero no more. The women rose up and slayed the dragon.

Once we thought we might have to suffer Trump, for 4 more atrocious years, but brave people appeared to do the right thing and saved the day. They overcame corruption, unbelievably, in this increasingly corrupt world – and yet it can happen. There are still enough good souls fighting the good fight. Perhaps we just need to believe.

Now we have climate change which feels far more dramatic than any single bad actor roaming the earth. Apparently we are all complicit.

Here in Europe they are serious as Europeans often are; electric cars are on the way. It will be a huge task but they are serious about electric cars, and climate change. It’s all around us. At the very least, it’s a start.

Maybe we just need to believe…

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