Is it because Americans have experienced their first war at home?

To read and listen to this constant coverage on Afghanistan is stunning. I don’t recall this type of attention when we invaded the country 20 years ago.

I understand it’s newsworthy, surely, and creates clickbait, certainly. And people can’t help but engage in the blame game but I wonder if this is partially due to the internal wars in America. Covid has killed over 600,000, their drug issue and desire for self-medication, no small thanks to the Sackler family who play a central role in the opiad crisis, has killed over 500,000 of its own citizens; perhaps this explains some of the outrage and deep frustration.

The situation in Afghanistan inspires sympathy, it’s tragic, but America has been meddling in hot, cold and warm wars for decades. However, I’m not there, it could be that everyone feels like a citizen journalist on social media. What I do know is everything feels extremely fluid at present. Our world is a complicated world to try and decipher.

Europe is being forced to review, and I mean seriously re-consider their relationship with the US in general and NATO, in particular. We’re all dealing with so much change. I think the Goddess of Chaos is called Eris and I am pretty convinced she seems to be providing surround sound in this new era.

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