What it’s like at 17:57 on Lake Garda and how German elections remain on a knife’s edge

Here on Lake Garda, the lighting is beautiful and I’m still surrounded by the German accent. Soon, they will all leave their ‘second homes’ and go back to Germany but today, before they vote in their next leader it’s very much in the air as to who will win the German Federal Election. Merkel is not a candidate, however, it’s worth thinking back on her leadership, she was pretty magnificant for most of her 16 year run.

My partner, who happens to be half-German, insists the success of Germany politics is all about building consensus. And who did this better, for longer, than Merkel? She made hard decisions about baling out Greece and allowing a million immigrants into their country. These were not easy decisions but she did this by building consensus.

They are, after all, a sensible society. Their leaders don’t force their decisions and beliefs on everyone, at least, not until they’ve gotten everyone on side.

Merkel could annoy, she seemed to take forever, she was very deliberate about making sure their three tiered structure; government/labor/business were in it together. not a bad way to get things done. Under Merkel they experienced a bit of a golden era so let’s see what the next era brings to Germany and Europe.

For now, it hangs on a knife’s edge….

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