Italian and German attitudes overlap when it comes to Grandma

Perhaps I’m open to the idea because I hear their accents overlapping here on Lake Garda throughout the summer. Germans are everywhere becuase it only takes them 4 or 5 hours to drive down from Munich. The moment they see their first palm tree, they decide this place is ideal for vacations. Germans love Italy, it lets them breathe and relax, it frees them from their often rigid routine. And their attitudes do overlap when it comes to Grandma….

For example;

The Russians have loaded the Nord Stream pipeline, so now, all the Germans have to do is turn it on – and voila, their grandmothers will be warm this winter. As much as social media tries to crank up the drama, the Europeans remain awfully pragmatic. This is what they must do.

Same thing here in Italy – Covid hit us first, with such force, yet dramatic decisions weren’t difficult, not even open to debate. Nonna, the grandmother, needed to be kept safe-it was so obvious. Italy has a strong sense of social conscious and enough hypochondriacs to make this just the right combination to tackle Covid. Fauci and others have said they’ve set an example for the world.

For 20 years I’ve watched the Germans vacation on Lake Garda but now they’re seriously investing in property. In a major way.

And now that i’m back in Piemonte I can report the northern Europeans, like the the Danes, Dutch and Swedes are coming down and buying up property here in the provinces of Asti and Alba.

Covid exposed so much and now that remote work has come into play, why not, it’s safe to assume they’ll continue to move down here and buy up property. Although the area around Lake Garda was once under Austrian domain….I wonder if the Germans are trying to take it back…

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