As the cemetery series continues, we move west to one of the oldest, St. Peters, where the nuns hid the von Trapp family from the Nazis

Atmospheric and unique and certainly one of the oldest cemeteries in the world. Conveniently located not too far away from the oldest restaurant in the world – St. Peters Keller – where you can find the finest Wiener Schnitzel; safe to say they’ve had time to improve on this wonderful dish.

St. Peter’s Monastery and cemetery is made all the more mystical by the catacombs built into the rock, dating back to late antiquity. It’s just a favorite and of course, if you’re a Sound of Music fan you’ll be all the more entertained by its presence, it will feed your imagination.

I’ve been there on Christmas Eve when the music wafts through the open air, romantically lit by the moon and dozens and dozens of candles. You can hear the choir in the chapel float outside to where we stand in between the graves, remembering souls, taking us away, penetrating our own spirit; it really is a trip worth taking…especially as we head towards All Souls’ Day and All Saints’ Day.

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