Driving through Transylvania is my kind of microdosing

Apparently microdosing is all the rage in LA and Silicon Valley. At work or play, people are indulging in tiny doses of shrooms and kosher LSD. They say it helps with creativity and focus. They even like to play with their kids now.

After dipping into that scene and stepping out quickly so many decades ago – let’s hope those doses are tiny, indeed.

But that’s what you did if you grew up on the west coast, you engaged in whatever was the rage. At least I did, and for an awful long time, America’s trends all began on the left side. And if you saw “Nine Perfect Strangers” on Netflix, you’ve seen how much fun they’ve had with this fad.

History keeps rhyming, as they say, the 60’s are back, albiet in a healthier way – although I’m not sure Americans need to be taking more drugs…

Travel’s been my drug since studying abroad for a year in my early 20’s, and once I could afford traveling to Europe I was addicted. A special kind of high has always been driving through Europe. But I do wonder. I mean, Uber’s altered the idea of geting a license for allot of young people and unless you have an electric car in the not so distant future – driving through Europe may not even be an option – who knows.

All the more reason to remember a particularly cool drive taken a decade ago, through Eastern Europe, through the historic center of Sighisoara, the old historic town in Romania. It was built in the 12th century by Saxon settlers and by the time 1999 rolled around it was designatedt a UNESCO World Heritage Site; an 850-year-old testament to the history and culture of the Transylvanian Saxons. And…birthplace of Vlad III the Impaler,

I remember this photo I snapped of a nearby cemetery – it certainly looked like it ‘lived’ in Transylvania, what a trip. Maybe even a little safer than microsing…

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