Moving house is about new beginnings and letting go

When we move house it feels like a new beginning yet it’s often an exercise in memory, nostalgia; about the past. Each key received had teased me it could solve a mystery, and unlock the secrets of cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Bucharest or Prague yet Rome kept her secrets safely tucked inside. 

Each move demanding review of books, precious knickknacks, but like the home, iteslf there is a price whether to stay or go. Assessing sentimental value, these things and keys seemed to host new dreams – so it seems I can’t rid myself these types of things. 

I will certainly miss the company of new found friends, I know this to be true. It proves harder to re unite in this brave new world we’ve entered. And so we take exit from a place called Piemonte, a secret that needs to be told as I write away in my next book called “Once Upon in Loazzolo”. And we move back and or more accurately, come full circle to Lake Garda, where the odyssey began. And rest assured Riva is a secret that’s already been told. 

So many moves since we left the US – in between Riva and Piemonte – often done quickly, when I was young and could overlook the stress as if it didn’t exist, but what a trip it was and so I wrote about it in my first book called, “The European odyssey; How a boxer’s daughter found grace”. And now for this latest move, oddly enough all I seem to feel is relief, because we coming full circle.

Now that I’m older I took my time to move, started early because it was complicated with clutter and garages and statues and vases purchased for all this land. I had to ask myself over and over again, do I really wish to see this on the other side, often I said yes, surprisingly often I said no – because it was time to let go. I will miss everyone and everything dearly because a move is like a divorce and yet why such relief? 

I had aspirations and lessons were learned while living in Piemonte, but I didn’t want to be a gardener or own allot of land. I now understand why people downsize as they get older, the cost is too great on too many levels to keep so much space.

And that snow and the work and time spent clearing it off the forecourt, several times a day carting wood from the shed to home in that wheelbarrow, so much snow, no, that will be the one exercise I will not miss at all. Paradise lost and found within the seasons and all that space.

Oh I do hope this is the last move and even though Lake Garda has been a second home since the odyssey began 20 years ago, it feels right and I am replete with relief, perhaps because I have let so many things go….

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An American living in Piemonte. Sailed across the Atlantic aboard our 43 Nauticat in 2002 and spent over a decade living in Rome, Paris, Prague, Malta, Venice and Bucharest before settling in Piemonte, Italia.

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