Even Europeans and Canadians are awfully worried about America

The European press has been quietly and silently worried about the polarization in America for some time. They are often quiet and serious, and now they are definitely worried. Even the Canadian press and pundits are showing up on US podcasts, increasingly concerned, living ‘this’ close to the ‘madness’.

It’s difficult to watch the denouement from afar. The mainstream can’t keep censoring the far right because they’re creating their own technological world. Parler is replacing Twitter. Rumble is replacing youtube. And Dan Bongino now sits at the top of the media ecosystem that is “fueling the fervor behind Trump and his big lie” – according to Evan Osnos, a staff writer at the New York Times and fellow at the Brookings Institute.

Formerly, Bongino was part of Obama’s secret service, and back then he thought Obama was a wonderful father. Until he found the opportunity to position himself in the far right world. He’s now the maestro conductor for their favorite mantra “The Democrats want you dead”. Does he believe this stuff? Is it just a grift and great business model? Once upon a time he was doing his podcast from his basement. He has since replaced Rush Limbaugh which means his audience is huuuuge. He is more flush than you can imagine. It is good to be king.

Bongino has no time for entertainment. He just hammers the far right talking points over and over again. Repetition works and perceptions are changed. Plus ça change. America’s institutions are tired, it’s too corrupt, and the politicians are not motivated to put away their own. I guess this is how is happens.

Gore Vidal detailed specifically how and when the empire ran out of gas. He was prescient for 6 decades and there’s a reason his 4 favorite words were “I told you so”.

Otto von Bismarck once said: “God has a special providence for fools, drunkards, and the United States of America.”

Apparently this is no longer true. Eventually every country loses it, now it’s America’s turn .

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