America’s Air is full of Menace

A notorious liar, Trump does find it fun to confess constantly. As if it makes his crimes just fine. Last week he admitted he wanted Pence to overturn the election. He just said it. Few say the quiet part out loud with such hutzpah.

Then he threatened the FBI, the police and anyone else listening at his last rally: basically saying anyone investigating him are simply racist, and he’d call for mass protests – wait, mob violence even better – if they do anything he deems to be wrong or illegal.

Curiouser and curiouser. An awful lot of people thought January 6th was a rehearsal.

Laurence Tribe tweeted on Trump latest antics: “He’s daring AG Garland to do his duty. I know Merrick Garland (Garland was a student of Tribe’s) well enough to say – Trump’s is the dumbest strategy imaginable”

That was last week. This week Tribe said, “When the former guy confesses in plain sight that he tried to ‘overturn the election’ and believes he was and remains entitled to do just that, he is testing whether we have a real Department of Justice or just a poor facsimile that rolls over and plays dead when threatened”

Perhaps Democracy moves slowly, or maybe those storm clouds are really rollin in….

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