What a shame; global issues at stake while nation states still wage war

Steven Pinker insists life is better than ever with the data points to prove it. Pinker, a cognitive psychologist from Harvard, says in his book Enlightenment Now – “we’re living at the greatest moment of progress in history, thanks to reason, science, and humanism. But today, he says, these ideals are under-appreciated, and we ignore them at our peril”.

While on a walk with our dogs yesterday, an Italian neighbor sighed, “war is in the wind“. Even our dogs sighed in unision.

Transnational companies pass borders with ease and without restriction and the EU promotes free trade amongst its member states; the EU is all about No More War.

However, our current mindset is worrying; so much for the nation state. To think unserious people like Boris Johnson and Liz Truss can suck all the oxygen out of the air and stir up panic. Their desire to stay relevant almost hurts. “War on Wednesday,” they keep saying, even as cooler heads, like the Europeans stress diplomacy.

The Italians often say, for example, when watching their toddlers run ahead, warning them, “piano, piano”. Yes. We are in need of a softer approach. Once upon a time Know Hope came across as a cheap slogan. I think we are in need the such slogans and soothing platitudes.

Global warming and pandemics are more than teaching moments..so…let’s know hope.

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