Piemonte picked as top region to visit yet not so adept at selling its own charm.

In my next book you’ll read about a galaxy of talent found in this region located in northern Italy, nestled up against the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. Europeans are gratefully aware but further out; not so much. But we’re working on that…

Whether it’s award winning wine, like Barolo, Barbaresco or Barbera, or Robiola di Roccaverano cheese, or the world famous sparkling wine, this region holds as much culinary charm as anywhere on the planet.

In fact Lonely Planet voted Piemonte the top region to visit, and when you do you can visit Chef Piera’s famous restaurant Madonna delle Neve in Cesole. Where you can enjoy her Agnolotti del plin served on a napkin -it is, in a word; divine

However, the Piemontese still focus on local advertising, but its fans are spreading the word far and wide. Soon it will be the secret that has been told.

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An American living in Piemonte. Sailed across the Atlantic aboard our 43 Nauticat in 2002 and spent over a decade living in Rome, Paris, Prague, Malta, Venice and Bucharest before settling in Piemonte, Italia.

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