Gary Lachman’s book is oh so timely: The Return of Holy Russia

Synopsis of Gary Lachman’s book: Return of Holy Russia

A history of how mystical and spiritual influences have shaped Russia’s identity and politics and what it means for the future of world civilization

* Examines Russia’s spiritual history, from its pagan origins and Eastern Orthodox mysticism to secret societies, Rasputin, Roerich, Blavatsky, and Dostoyevsky

* Explains the visionary writings of the spiritual philosophers of Russia’s Silver Age, which greatly influence Putin today

* Explores what Russia’s unique identity and its history of messianic politics and apocalyptic thought mean for its future on the world stage

“Gary Lachman is a writer with an elegantly readable style, a passionate interest in aspects of the world that history normally neglects, and a profound understanding of psychology. In The Return of Holy Russia he has found his ideal subject. It’s an intoxicating examination of the intense and distinctive relationship between Russian culture and religious feeling, of the kind that flowered into exotic cults and occult beliefs in the late nineteenth century, seemed to go underground during the Soviet Union, and may now be emerging again in Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian regime. I read it with delight.” ― Philip Pullman, award-winning author of the trilogy His Dark Materials

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