No, we can’t stop the bombs falling from the sky but here’s what we are doing…

143 Ukranians have entered Ireland since a visa requirement was waived last Thursday.

The Italian mobile company FASTWEB is providing free phone service to Ukrainians.

Frankfurters are driving to the border and taking 4 people back to their home because that’s all the room they have, they would take more, if they could- true generosity. Individuals from Europe are taking in as many as they can.

Romanians are taking as many Ukranians in as possible, as are the Hungarians. Poland has taken in about 300,000 to 500,000. They all have a lot of history there, this seems natural and generous.

Germany is changing policy and giving them bombs and about a billion bucks. US is assisting as best they can regarding military and financial assistance.

France is doing what they do best, assist with diplomacy. Hackers are doing what they do best, create chaos and taking down as many Russian sites as possible.

And what are the English doing? They are giving them visas to pick their fruit on British farms. If they want in, they have to pick fruit. Such is the generosity of the Tories, etc.

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