Our family took in Ukrainian refugees; at least we could do that

Yesterday morning we got a call from Oleg, a Ukrainian who worked with my guy a couple of years ago – Oleg is staying near Kiev but his family, now in Slovenia, was on the move. They were heading to Genoa and needed a place to stay. “Of course they can stay here but where are they headed?”

“Portugal,” Oleg said, so we suggested they stay with us in Italy, then we called the in-laws in southern France to secure a place for the following night, “of course they can stay here”. My guy texted on Telegram with Oleg and his wife in the morning, then everyone decided to head straight to France with plenty of beds for everyone.

We offered to take them to lunch en route. We drove around Lake Garda heading towards Verona but internet was spotty on the road for the the ‘little convoy’, consisting of Oleg’s wife, sister, friend and 3 children. I kept wondering where they were, receiving periodic texts from Oleg every once in a while, as he texted my father-in-law, communicating an arrival time.

Heading straight to France shaved off several hours of driving time and if you know the gas price here in Italy, it was a smart move. We’re paying up to 2.15 euro per litre. The price only a little less in France and Germany.

They made it safely to France last night and my Italian mother in law had a plate of pasta on the table. This morning they’re all preparing sandwiches to take away. Another night was offered in France but like I said, this ‘little convoy’ is on the move. We spoke this morning, then Natalie, Oleg’s wife sent a note, “Your parents are just wonderful, thank you for everything”.

At least we could do that…


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