“Russia and China, Together at Last.

Amy Goodman interviews Alfred McCoy about his recent article in The Nation headlined “Russia and China, Together at Last”

Link to transcript on Democracy Now

To Paraphrase: Russia and China believe they can dominate international politics. In essence, they’re pursuing a geopolitical strategy to break U.S. control over the Eurasian landmass and thereby break U. S global power. Basically, the historic birth of a new world order, breaking the global power the U.S has maintained for 70 years.

China can break the financial embargo the US is trying to impose on Russia. McCoy believes Moscow and Beijing are banking that the geopolitics of Eurasia are on their side – this is what’s underlying their boldness and resistance to Washington’s pressure.

Every global hegemon – and that’s the word that Beijing and moscow use – for the last 500 years, from Portuguese to the Spanish, the Dutch, the British, the United States and now the Chinese have done one thing in common: they all dominated Eurasia. It follows their decline has followed the end of their dominance of Eurasia.

The Chinese and their Belt and Road Initiative, this trillion-dollar development program that now incorporates around 70 nations in Eurasia and Africa, laying down infrastructure – pipelines, railroads and roads – across the whole Eurasian landmass, if this succeeds, and it’s 10 times the size of the Marshall Plan, it’s the biggest development scheme in human history, and will draw the commerce of Eurasia, home to 70% of the world’s population towards Beijing.

So, he says, we’re witnessing the violent eruptions of a great tectonic shift in global power.

According to this professor, we can see it happening in real time. A new global hegemon, constructing a new kind of world order, far less concerned with human rights, far less concerned with law, a kind of transactional world order of mutual conveniene.

I’m not sure that’s new to the west, but change, to be certain, is the one constant.

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