Creativity is the best medicine

I’ve no idea how to reupholster but who cares. Courage seems to be the word of the day. Afterall, it’s just a chair.

I don’t sew but it felt necessary to find a project to distract me from my other projects. To get out of my head, to go into alien territory.

Writing a book is such a slog and it’s almost always an emotional roller coaster. You break through, then stare at the wall, break through again, eyes fall back on the wall, then one edits over and over again. When I was working on my first book I thought the process would never end; herculean effort is required to make those sentences sing.

So I went to the fabric store and Matteo offered the best kind of advice; just work very slowly, piano piano as the Italians like to say. I took the old cover off and created a new pattern, sort of, then simply turned the fabric inside out and sewed around the chair – the effect reminiscent of a really Raggedy Ann .

But it got me outside of my head and I found alien territory quite friendly. It’s still a work a progress – think I’ll paint the legs black.

I like the seat; stripes feel like spring.

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