Liquid Gold along Lake Garda

When we lived in Piemonte the focus was on wine, like Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera – but here on Lake Garda – olive oil gets extra special attention – it’s often called liquid gold; it’s that good.

I use allot of it. I cook Mediterranean and while I’m cooking I cut up some fresh rustichini, let a few drips coat the middle of the bread, and voila – this bouche amuses immensely. I’m getting older and my diet more simple by the month so those cliches hold truer than before, it really is the little things.

Italians often have several oils depending on the dish. I use extra virgin olive for almost everything. There’s the daily bottle and the special bottle; one for cooking and one for evening salads, including my amuse bouche.

Nota bene. The good stuff is not cheap. But the Olio Extravergine d’Oliva del Garda is awarded the quality D.O.P. (Denominazione di Origine Protetta = Protected Designation of Origin). Characteristics include an extraordinary lightness, excellent digestibility and a delicate, fruity and pleasantly piquant flavour.

Some call the local light white wine, Lugana, liquid gold, others save the reference for our local olive oil. Few disagree it’s the finest in the world. Everything eaten or drunk here in Italy I find blissfully mild; where the pasta is al dente and the coffee tastes like a milk shake.

If you travel to Lake Garda and want to go upscale, the LeFay Spa is for you. We spent a weekend there to celebrate a birthday and it was worth it.

If you stay anywhere around the lake, you’ll want to pick up a bottle from somewhere and take it home with you; it’s that good.

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