I predict Macron will win and here’s why…

The French elections begin today. They have two ballots. The first allows them to vote for who they want. The second allows them to vote for who they do not want; it’s a pretty sensible system. The winner gets more than 50% of the vote.

Macron seems nervous. Perhaps because Le Pen has been able to neuter her far right policies, or maybe because the French aren’t always happy with Macron’s reforms. His personality, being a banker, can be an acquired taste. However, because he’s an economist, their economy, despite Covid, has done surprisingly well. This bodes well for Macron.

Still, he’s nervous, if doens’t get a majority early on, other candidates may present a challenge. Still, I predict Macron.

And if you listen to our podcasts we cover the details on how countries and their systems continue to thrive with the the EU. Of course, there’s always Orban, alors – those Hungarians do have their unique style.

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