Italy’s biodiversity is truly unique

Eataly’s owner, Oscar Farinetti gave a great talk on why Italy is the capital of biodiversity, not to mention its cultural heritage. Here’s a little film I posted during lockdown. Gratefully the lockdown is over, yet the magic of Italy’s biodiversity remains truer than ever.

From Farinetti’s talk:

This tiny country, located basically in the middle of the world, occupying just 0.5% of the lands surface with 0.83% of the world’s population is the only peninsula spreading from north to south on a perfect lattitude surrounded by ideal seas. With its one of a kind geographical distribution allowing the good seas drafts to meet the fresh mountain breeze – this could explain why so much magic happens here in Italy, and why I’m writing about the northwest region of Piemonte, in particular.

Why the finest pasta is thought to be made near the Gragnano Region, Napoli, where the fresh breeze of Castellamare di Stabia meets Vesuvius breeze, creating a unique microclimate. A country full of unique microclimates.

Why the region  of Abruzzo produces the finest Saffron, why Calabria region produces such licorice,  being the daughter of the Ionic Sea and Apuan Alps. The Myrto in Sardinia, the Pachino in Sicily,… why this this tiny country, occupying just 0.5 percent of the world’s land surface, produces 7000 edible vegetal species, the second place being Brazil with 3300. 

This tiny space produces  58000 animal species, 42000 on air and land, 10500 found in salt water, and 5500 found in freshwater. How Italy can boast 1200 local vineyards, with France boasting second place with 222. How Italy grows 533 olive species, the second place is taken by Spain with only 70. How Italy produces 140 wheat crops varieties, the second place, the USA with Six, 

This tiny country has the largest biodiversity in the world, their agribusiness environment – producing such food and wine, such a tiny country, the starting point for human biodiversity.

Italy is home to the biggest number of ethnic groups; all the anthropologist agree. Italy has a history dating back 40000 years when the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens began their journey from Africa. They met here, they liked the company, it was good, but they chose different paths. Then this tiny country created the biggest empire in the world, then the Renaissance, which is precisely why Italy owns 70’s of the world’s cultural heritage.

All this art, created from just 0.5 percentage of the land surface of the world, 

Its a magical place, can’t wait to see you!

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