“Superheroes of Piemonte” – Anna Fila Robattino

In this wicked wicked world, it’s time to post a note about Anna Fila Robattino and what it’s like to take an herbal hike near her home in Olme Gentile. If you’re in Piemonte, it’s a particualar pleasure. She’s in my next book and when you read it; you’ll know why.

She offers these fantastic two hour hikes, an herbal on the go kinda sojourn. Of course she stops constantly because she knows practically every herb and flower in her special and secret garden – which happens to be the size of a small forest. Many people take copious notes, she inspects everything along the way, giving her devotees time to pick and then place new found specimens carefully in our brown paper bags as if precious jewels.

Her library is like no other, a peaceful and truly unique room. All the walls lined with books. In between the books, beneath the window and on top of the low tables, here and there, sit icons and images from all over the world. Tibetan madallions, Katana swords and some of the largest and most carefully positioned crystals I’ve ever seen.

Time spent with Anna is never wasted, it is savored, and I can’t recommend her long walks and lunches enough. I’ve dined at Hotel de Crillon and tour d’Argent in Paris, the Connaught and Claridges in London, in private palazzos in Rome and Torino yet nothing compares to lunch with Anna on her long wooden table, with spells stratefically placed to ward off bad energy all around. Luncheons laced with herbs, homemade oils and vinegars. One time I ate a pink rose just because it was there, and laughed; I felt like a kid again.

Anna’s not just a hunter and gatherer, she’s a sophisticate and learned. I suppose after becoming sufficiently advanced in the world’s religions she knows that energy and spirits are key. Or Ki in Japonese.

In this wicked wicked world i just wanted to post a note about Anna Fila Robattino.

Bewitched by the enchantress; one of 12 interviews of the Piemontese.

Book coming out this fall.

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