Difference btwn Come and Lake Garda

Last night while stirring in the saffron to make risotto alla milanese, windows open, offering a breeze throughout the house, my trance was broken by a very distinct mechanical sound.

I picked up my glass of Pinot Grigio, perhaps to brace myself and stepped out to the balcony. I stood there and watched several million euro worth of Italian and German cars arrive at a small bnb across the street. They parked effortlessly, Ferraris in yellow and blue and not one but two Bugattis in matte black.

One Bugatti waited then drove next door, probably with covered parking.

In Como the owners would probably park in front of a 5 star hotel. Not here on Lake Garda, no, the owners are middle aged German. I can tell by their white socks tucked comfortably in black sandals.

They will leave early and cruise around the lake, breaking the serenity of their scenic journey. They really love it here and the Italians really appreciate the tourism.

Everyone’s happy.

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An American living in Piemonte. Sailed across the Atlantic aboard our 43 Nauticat in 2002 and spent over a decade living in Rome, Paris, Prague, Malta, Venice and Bucharest before settling in Piemonte, Italia.

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