Meanwhile here in Europe…

We could be forgiven for wondering why American liberals celebrate the distribution of assault rifles to untrained civilians in Ukraine and then…my goodness 200 mass shootings in America and it’s only May.

We could be forgiven for wondering why Americans are sending billions of dollars worth of bombs to Ukraine, which will only kill people, in the same way they killed so many Iraqis and all the rest. So many children dead. So much death and destruction. Plus ca change.

We could be forgiven, here in Europe, that America is waging a war on all of Europe, or so it seems to me, an American living in Europe. I don’t appreciate the guys over there, sitting on the couch eating popcorn, telling me I shouldn’t be able to heat my house or use the air conditioning in summer. I suppose that’s why Italy and German approved gas payments in rubles. I suppose that’s why Greece has emerged as a new hub for Russian oil via ship to ship loadings.

Basically, we could be forgiven for feeling NATO’s upbeat narrative plays like a broken record, as Pepe Escobar argues, insisting Russia is stacking up wins that could sink the Atlantic order. Pepe Escobar, a Brazilian journalist, beyond having a great name, is a great geopolitical freethinker. His latest article has humor too:

“Three months after the start of Russia’s Operation Z in Ukraine, the battle of The West (12 percent) against The Rest (88 percent) keeps metastasizing. Yet the narrative – oddly – remains the same.

On Monday, from Davos, World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab introduced Ukrainian comedian-cum-President Volodymyr Zelensky, on the latest leg of his weapons-solicitation-tour, with a glowing tribute. Herr Schwab stressed that an actor impersonating a president defending neo-Nazis is supported by “all of Europe and the international order.”

He means, of course, everyone except the 88 percent of the planet that subscribes to the Rule of Law – instead of the faux construct the west calls a ‘rules-based international order.’

Back in the real world, Russia, slowly but surely has been rewriting the Art of Hybrid War. Yet within the carnival of NATO psyops, aggressive cognitive infiltration, and stunning media sycophancy, much is being made of the new $40 billion US ‘aid’ package to Ukraine, deemed capable of becoming a game-changer in the war.

This ‘game-changing’ narrative comes courtesy of the same people who burned though trillions of dollars to secure Afghanistan and Iraq. And we saw how that went down.

Ukraine is the Holy Grail of international corruption. That $40 billion can be a game-changer for only two classes of people: First, the US military-industrial complex, and second, a bunch of Ukrainian oligarchs and neo-connish NGOs, that will corner the black market for weapons and humanitarian aid, and then launder the profits in the Cayman Islands.

A quick breakdown of the $40 billion reveals $8.7 billion will go to replenish the US weapons stockpile (thus not going to Ukraine at all); $3.9 billion for USEUCOM (the ‘office’ that dictates military tactics to Kiev); $5 billion for a fuzzy, unspecified “global food supply chain”; $6 billion for actual weapons and “training” to Ukraine; $9 billion in “economic assistance” (which will disappear into selected pockets); and $0.9 billion for refugees.

US risk agencies have downgraded Kiev to the dumpster of non-reimbursing-loan entities, so large American investment funds are ditching Ukraine, leaving the European Union (EU) and its member-states as the country’s only option.”

Article in its entirety is worth a read, if only to muse on how Poland is going for the soft annexation. The western msm is really doing a job on the people over there, think Pepe uses an interesting ancronym (credit to Ray McGovern) MICIMATT: Military-Industrial-Congressional-Intelligence=Media=Academia-Think-Tank complex.

All sounds interesting and kinda right to me….and I’m sure I’m not alone over here.

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