“A Couple of Europhiles” talk Turkey, Raw materials and Revolutions

On this episode Bailey Alexander and Francis discuss cultural realities and dissonance and there’s certainly a lot of dissonance to discuss. 

They talk Turkey and cover their political issues, as well as their national character because that’s what “A Couple of Europhiles” like to do; it lends to understanding political and cultural motivation. They’ve lived in allota countries and Francis has been to Turkey a few times this year on biz and does appreciate what Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital”.

Of course they cover the latest in the war in Ukraine and the toxic mix of Neocons and Liberal Humanitarians, citing the Brazilian Journalist Pepe Escobar; the freethinking geopolitical thinker who covers the globe by traveling across the continents and talking directly to the players. Pepe Escobar is convinced the West has little context because they don’t wish to discuss what happened in that region prior to Russia’s invasion this past February. It’s a perspective and worthy of discussion.

They cover American politics, how the Republicans are far more egregious, but unfortunately, far more strategic, hoping the Democrats come up with their own plan. And soon. 

Francis started a company in Kazakhstan so Bailey had to ask her favourite foil about Eurasia, raw materials, revolutions, and all the rest of it. Oh, China and the history of the Silk Road is there for your listening pleasure as well. 


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