“I told you so”

Gore Vidal’s 4 favorite words.

I doubt he’d be surprised – almost happy he doesn’t have to see it, after all he saw us and chronicled us at our best.

And he did suggest America was moving back to the Stone Age many decades ago. So No. Not such a great birthday for America but certainly a day to miss Vidal.

The way we were.

Once upon a time Joan Didion explained California to the east coast and Gore Vidal explained America to the rest of the world. Vidal was our biographer, prescient. Some listened, others called him Cassandra.

Now that summer’s arrived, it’s the right time for some Gore. I can almost hear him laughing as Biden calls’ this phase’ the New Liberal Order. Vidal warned our political parties were simply two sides to the same coin.

Can definitely hear him saying, “I told you so.”

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