Italians prefer “controlled chaos”

If there’s political mystery at the heart of Italian government, it’s this; Italians just don’t like a strong government.

Once upon a time Renzi made a move for constitutional reform. He took it to the people. They replied with an emphatic no. They like their government fragile – as if to keep their leaders on their toes.

However, there’s no mystery in their political theater – they have to be maestros at the deal. Trump is an amateur and write a book called, “Art of the Deal”, or rather someone else wrote it for him. (apparently the ghost writer regrets this, immensely)

Allora, you have to be a maestro at making deals in Italian politics. It’s what they do, or rather it’s what they struggle to do constantly. Say what you want about Berlusconi but he was the only politician since the second world war to govern for 5 straight years, and he did it twice! And that’s because Berlusconi was a maestro at making a deal.

Controlled chaos. This is where we stand in Italy. The Italians know they need a competent driver to steer the delivery funds their way; the EU will insist. They know, but we all know they kinda thrive in controlled chaos.


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