When climate change just breaks your heart

Gosh, I’m gobsmacked. Look at the water level, down about a meter here on Lake Garda. This lake is Italy’s largest in terms of surface.

This is the view from our romantic escape place, my first and favorite home in Europe, so small, yet this space looms awfully large in my heart. And this just about breaks it.

It’s close to our main place but I stay away when the tourists take over, tho my guy prefers to work here during the day, what with the beauty, the breeze. So when I came today it really caught me by surprise.

And we get an awful lot of water here in Riva, thunderstorms each week, sometimes daily downpours for ’bout an hour, but the heat this summer, a first here, specifically, carries consequences.

Climate change really can crush the heart.

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An American living in Piemonte. Sailed across the Atlantic aboard our 43 Nauticat in 2002 and spent over a decade living in Rome, Paris, Prague, Malta, Venice and Bucharest before settling in Piemonte, Italia.

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