Reading Season; Salvador Dali

Pulled out a biography on Dali from my library last night. Written by Meryle Secrest. Such fun. For all the time spent absorbing his art, hitting exhibits in Europe and growing up with the celebrity of Dali in America, I did not know he was named after his brother who died 9 months before he was born.

I did not know Dali ate a very strong Camembert the night he painted the melting watches in his famous picture, The Persistence of Memory.

And I love this piece on watching Picasso take in his art for the very first time:

“As soon as I arrived at 23. rue la Boetie, I knew right away that the jet buttons of his eyes had recognized me. I was ‘the other one’, the only one capable of playing up to him. To tell you the truth (he added in a conversation published in 1973) I know nowadays that the world was a bit too small for both of us. Happily, I was young then!

I respectfully offered him a gift, another girl of Figueres, like the one he had appreciated. I took my time about unraveling it – it was as well wrapped as a mummy – but a very lively painting emerged from the wrappings and it seemed to me that the painting expanded beneath his gaze. Picasso spent a long time in minute scrutiny of the work and it never seemed so beautiful.”

To perceive, to study and spend so much energy doing both. What a joyful piece to read. Made me think of many things – what do, what can our eyes actually see. Life feels strange, more surreal than ever, and what about our every changing concept of time.

Dali’s art feels as relevant as ever, and more real than it felt before…

Dreams, reality, surreality and time melting away.

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