David Lynch on Meditation and Ideas

Every once in awhile I trip upon David Lynch and his thoughts on meditation. How it’s directly tied to creativity so he gets my attention, but I did not realize he has an hour long doc on youtube called “David Lynch – Meditation, Creativity, Peace.

Wonderful watch. Like he says, when you meditate – take a pen. Some of our best stuff comes when we’re in the middle of ‘it’. When you transcend, as you do in TM, you go beyond thought, you just experience pure consciousness. it’s like silence, but lively silence; it’s dynamic. I don’t think TM is the only way but it’s his favorite way.

..and bliss. Negativity is just the absence of all that bliss. And ideas. If you’re writing and working and living, how you can possibly pass on catching an idea. They just arrive.

…and focus. Wish I could focus on my dreams. I’m not yet disciplined in that way. But because I meditate each day, they are so lucid. So many things to learn and what a great doc to watch.

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