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My mother shared a secret years ago and let me know I was part Basque; I was 36. I talk about this in my book and it was a shocking secret, but it was also loaded with answers – not to mention fun. I mean, if you’re going to acquire a new biological reality, a little mystery goes a long way in the mind’s eye.

I suppose that’s why DNA ancestry test kits have become so popular the last few years. Information is critical and we’re curious and there’s so much mystery to unlock. We know who we are, but it does open the heart and mind. It’s like meditating. When you let it all go, you suddenly feel like yourself, even more than before.

The fun bit about learning I was part Basque was the fact this tribe remains both ancient and mysterious. The Basque language, called Euskera, is unrelated to any other spoken in Europe, or indeed the world. Their roots go so far back in time it remains a topic of debate.

There’s a great deal to read and learn, and I’m finally getting around to it – it’s only taken 20 years. And I’m keen to travel to the Basque region. After traveling and living in so many places I put the Basque destination on hold. Maybe I’ll take the ancestry test kit…

…or maybe I’ll just keep on meditating…and traveling in the mind’s eye.

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