It’s been a long hot summer and now we need to face the fall.

Germans are starting to leave the lake and drive home. The Italians love it when they come and they kinda like it when they leave. It’s been packed, it’s been a long hot summer and now we all have to face the fall.

Italians are shifting into a right wing government. Salvini just said the quiet part out loud, the thing that’s on most of European’s minds; we don’t like war, the sanctions aren’t working and we don’t like these energy prices.

Giorgia Meloni, the woman who might become Italy’s first female prime minister hasn’t been as vocal. I read the ‘right wing’ political manifesto. I’m a liberal and it doesn’t read radical. They want to help Ukraine but they are elected by Italians and the manifesto talks about assisting Ukraine but the focus is on Italian policy. I expect to hear from Meloni but she needs to consider the recovery funds. This is why Draghi was appreciated, until he wasn’t, until he put the globalist agenda above Italians. This is why he is gone.

Italians aren’t cheap but they are tight, they are conservative with their money. They do not like to waste it, especially on energy bills, unnecessarily high energy bills. And the don’t make as much as the Germans, so there is a difference in attitude about money. And they really did not like it when the Ukrainians lied to them about war crimes early on in order to get weapons because Italians really, really don’t like war.

Prague had a protest yesterday. More people than any government can ignore came out to say what Salvini said: the sanctions aren’t working, let’s stop this war and adhere to what the EU has always been about, specifically – no war.

Paris has protests. They always have protests but more and more Europeans will come out to say what’s on their mind.

We’ll have to wait and see but the tide is turning. America will keep sending bombs because that’s what America sells more than anything else these days. America has become a war economy. I’m with Smedley D. Butler, war’s a racket. I get how complicated this war is, we all do, but it’s too close and Europeans are going to become more and more vocal.

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