Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain

Everyday I watch the magic mountains of Garda, they look back at me from home, and throughout day. Felt inspired to re-visit Thomas Mann’s ‘Magic Mountain’ . Probably because major change is in the air. Possibly due to this need to feel nostalgic.

The book takes place in a Swiss Sanatorium for those with tuberculosis. As Harold Bloom wrote, “Mann’s wonderful story now primarily offers not irony nor parody, but a loving vision of reality now vanished, of European high culture now forever gone. Like the culture of Goethe and of Freud.”

He thinks we should revisit the Magic Mountain as a historical novel , the monument of a lost humanism. Published in 1924 the novel portrays the Europe that was to begin to break apart in World War I. Mann prophetically senses the Nazi horror that was to take power a short decade after his novel’s appearance. It’s an immensely poignant study of the nostalgias.

A great read, especially when so much change is in the air…

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