Vendemmia va bene

Despite the worst drought in 70 years the wine harvest of 2022 appears to offer alright news. I don’t how the Italians manage to do it. Through chaos even nature agrees with them.


The ranking of the Italian regions also remains stable. With 11.5 million hectolitres (-3 per cent compared to 2021), Veneto continues to produce more than one fifth of Italian wine. It is followed by Puglia with 10.6 million hectolitres (+3 per cent) and Emilia-Romagna with 7.4 million hectolitres (+4 per cent). While Piedmont (-9 per cent) and Lombardy (-20 per cent) have seenharvest losses, Umbria (+10 per cent), Tuscany (+12 per cent), Sardinia (+15 per cent) and Alto Adige-Trentino (+10 per cent) are expected to see higher volumes.

The English have shared the following with me several times over the year, perplexed and perhaps a little envious:

“Even when the barn burns down the Italians simply take the party outside.”

I find them the least delusional of all cultural realities/tribes…

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