America’s far right like Meloni’s speech, but don’t think they hear what Italians do…

I’m not Italian but am married to one. Lived here for a long time, and our podcast takes deep dives into cultural realities. We love this stuff and this video got my attention on twitter – posted by a lot of far right Americans. And due to cultural realities, I don’t think they heard what Italians do…

Also, it’s slightly strange to think of Italians as patriotic. They love their family, their town, then maybe their football team. Then maybe their country. With a country full of 20 completely separate regions – think it’s best to relate patriotism to the scoundrels and the far right in America.

In fact I’ve spent the past year interviewing northern Italians about their focus, their loyalty and their politics. My book is called ‘The Personal Legends of Piemonte’; bilingual and coming out this winter. I learned a thing or two about some Italians.

No idea how long Giorgia Meloni will stick around; Italians don’t like their gov to have too much power. But she is persuasive. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was persuaded by a politician. Like most Italians I’m pretty skeptical of them all. All over the globe.

For me, personally, this speech reminds me of Federico Felllini’s subversive anti-consumer msg’s of the 60’s; if you’re a fan you’ll know what I’m talking about – and back then, or perhaps even back then, Italians were resisting America’s attempt to make them into consumer slaves. I don’t think they’re such fans of brands, not really, not outside Milano; they’re a country of many artisans and several perfectionists, most concerned with quality over brand.

There’s no need to turn back time and review Italian politics, but it was messy, specifically with the US, and the death of their Prime Minister Aldo Moro. And there was a lot of pushback re the consumer lifestyle. Last time I looked Italians still have a mind of their own.

And so do I, it’s taken about 7 yrs of living in northern Italy to remove my materialistic ways; yet this was more a personal aspiration. I’m happier and relieved to say arrivederci to my past a la mode lifestyle.

So yes, I was gently persuaded by her speech. Made me think….not necessarily like an Italian but close enough.

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