“I’d rather have a 1,000 school board members than the President of the United States”

Quote from Ralph Reed, former Executive Director of the Christian Coalition. Now we know why and how they’re winning key battles. They recently had both.

A combination of hyper, local races, and a hyper conservative Supreme Court allows 20% of the population, the Evangelicals, to dictate Roe and their pro life stance. This is just the beginning.

Nuance is necessary but it’s not what the Evangelicals preach. They know what they want and they will stop at nothing. We have Reagan to thank for offering them newfound political visibility and they are more powerful than ever; at 20% of the population.

The Daily, a NYT’s podcast provides an interesting listen on the this new class of American evangelical leaders shaking up the Republican Party – and raising the stakes of the midterm elections.

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