Death in Venice; Isola di San Michele

RE-post from 28 October 2021….as it’s cemetery season.

I went to Venice last year and hope to be back next month; if I’m lucky. It was lovely and it felt like I was the only one there; the entire scene was hallowed out and therefore uniquely serene.

Sergei Digahilev’s grave is a destination and located in the Orthodox section, near the composer Igor Stravinsky, with whom he collaborated. On Diaghilev’s grave the ballet dancers come from all over the world and leave their ballet slippers to pay homage.

Diaghilev’s reign at Ballet Russes was epic, literally; during the epoch period. When I visit him I think of all those well known names who followed their maestro through European tours, and how he introduced the East to the West through ballet.

It was obvious why Picasso and Cocteau, Stravinsky and Nijinsky, and even Brecht followed him all over Europe. Why the Italian painter Giorgio de Chirico, and the designer Chanel wanted to created his scenery and design his costumes. Why Ravel, Rubinstein, and all the rest followed Diaghilev wherever he went.

Diaghilev created magic at every stop along the way. Diaghilev, the Russian, the failed composer and father of modern art. He had but one desire and that wish was to die in Venice.

Cannot wait to go back…

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